What Exactly Is the UNCG Guarantee Program?

The UNCG Guarantee is a need & merit-based program that helps incoming undergraduate students from North Carolina graduate with little to no debt while providing comprehensive support services, co-curricular cohort experiences, mentoring and so much more.

Origin of the Program

In the Spring of 2009, UNC Greensboro received a 6 million dollar gift from an anonymous donor which was used to create the Lula Martin McIver Scholarship Endowment. This gift provided the foundation for the UNCG Guarantee Scholarship and Program. In 2010, UNCG Guarantee accepted its first cohort of UNCG Guarantee and has since provided the opportunity for nearly 300 low-income students to realize their dream of attending UNC Greensboro and graduating with little to no debt.

What does this program provide?


The UNCG Guarantee scholarship combines federal and state grants in addition to funds from private gifts to help scholars graduate from UNC Greensboro in four years with little or no debt. The financial package covers the standard estimated cost of attendance based on financial need. This includes tuition and fees, standard on-campus room and board and other educational expenses.

Transition Support

The first year is going to be a big adjustment for students in many ways! For this reason, scholars are paired in their first year with not only a mentor from the UNC Greensboro community but also a peer mentor from the Guarantee Program.

Cohort Captains are upper-class Guarantee Scholars who are passionate about helping new students make the most of their first year. They provide on-campus support while assisting scholars to create a foundation for their academic career.

Guarantee Mentors are faculty, staff, alumni and community members who are knowledgeable about not only the college experience but familiar with the culture of UNC Greensboro. They provide students with an adult who is passionate about being a resource for new students.

Co-Curricular Experiences

To fully experience college the UNCG Way students must take advantage of learning that takes place beyond the classroom. As a Guarantee Scholars students participate in unique cohort experiences that help them explore strengths and develop the skills needed to be successful beyond UNC Greensboro. These experiences include but are not limited to:

    • Leadership Development
    • Career Preparation
    • Intercultural Competency Building
    • Financial Literacy

Academic Planning and Preparation

UNC Greensboro provides a host of academic support services to all students and UNCG Guarantee works to ensure that students are aware of resources needed to build academic habits for success.

    • Academic Skill Building Workshops
    • Study Halls
    • Staff Office Hours
    • Starfish Early Alert Outreach
    • Academic Recovery Planning
    • Academic & Financial Aid Appeal Advising