Second Year Experience

Career Service Center Partnership

Scholars are offered exclusive workshops that promote, encourage and support the creation of their career brand. We call this our Career ID Series (CID). These workshops correlate with steps such as completion of resume draft, mock interview, graduate school research, etc. which allow scholars to explore careers/internships ideas and prepare for the competitive workforce.

Etiquette Dinner with the Career Service Center

 Each year UNCG Guarantee sponsors all second year scholars to attend the Career Service Center’s Annual Etiquette Dinner which provides students with a five-course formal dinner with presentation on business dining etiquette.

Graduation Planning

We coordinate with the Student’s First Office to provide scholars with an intensive workshop with with SFO advising staff to create a 4 year graduation plan. This allows students to map out their next two and a half year class by class to promote graduating in 4 years or less with a plan in place.