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Financial Support

UNC Greensboro provides each scholar an outstanding financial aid package to help scholars graduate from UNC Greensboro in four years with minimum debt. The package combines federal and state grants, institutional funds, work-study and no more than $3,500 in subsidized loans to give students up to the standard estimated cost of attendance which includes tuition and fees, standard on-campus room and board and other educational expenses.

Vibrant Community

The Guarantee Scholars Program is a cohort-based program that focuses on cultivating a vibrant community across all 4 cohorts of scholars and with our alumni. Our Guarantee Council creates community programming that brings scholars together for social, service and wellness engagements throughout the year. Some of the recurring programs that are coordinated by this group are Destress Week, Monthly Movie Nights, and Spring Talent Showcase.

Academic Planning and Preparation

UNC Greensboro provides a host of academic support services to all students and UNCG Guarantee works to ensure that Guarantee Scholars are utilizing the resources needed to build academic habits for success.

  • Academic Skill Building Workshops
  • Guarantee Group Study Sessions
  • Staff Office Hours
  • Starfish Early Alert Notifications
  • Academic Recovery Planning
  • Academic & Financial Aid Appeal Support

First-Year Transition Support

The first year is going to be a big adjustment for students in many ways! For this reason, scholars are paired in their first year with not only a mentor from the UNC Greensboro community but also a Cohort Captain, peer mentor from the Guarantee Program, to assist you with your college transition.

Community Learning Experiences

To fully experience college students must take advantage of learning that takes place beyond the classroom. As a Guarantee Scholars students will participate in unique cohort experiences that help them explore strengths and develop the skills needed to be successful beyond UNC Greensboro. These experiences include but are not limited to:

  • 1st Year: Students will gain leadership development through two leadership retreats that engage them in the Bronze Leadership Challenge curriculum. Students will also receive Financial Literacy training to help them navigate their financial aid and manage their money responsibly. Read more here.
  • 3rd Year: Scholars will learn how to engage across differences through attending a series of interactive Kaleidoscope workshops facilitated by UNCG Scopes, participating in Spartans In Dialogue and practicing critical reflection. These initiatives are supported in partnership with the Office of Intercultural Engagement.
  • 4th Year: Scholars will work closely with the program staff to identify and work towards their post-graduation goals while attending Q&A sessions with Guarantee Alumni who have taken similar paths.