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Cohort Captains or CCs are Peer Mentors to Guarantee Scholars during their first year. Cohort Captains (CCs) are upperclassman students within the Guarantee Scholars Program who are passionate about supporting students through their first year at UNCG. These peer mentors meet frequently with their assigned small group and attend all the supporting activities the scholars engage in. The Peer mentors serve as a powerful resource for the transition to college, ensuring that the first-year scholars gain the knowledge and resources they need to thrive and strive towards graduation.

CCs are some of our most proud and engaged scholars with a passion for giving back to our program. CC’s not only support first-year scholars through their complete first-year experience but they also engage in additional training to hone their own leadership skills.

Meet the 2023 Cohort Captains

Cohort Captain,
Eileen Galdamez

Hometown: Durham, NC

Education: Second Year Scholar, Nutrition Major

Interests: I am a gym rat. You will always find me working out at Kaplan! I love food and cooking is one of my favorite hobbies. I am fascinated with nutrition and encouraging others to live healthy and sustainably by nourishing their bodies with nutrient-dense foods.

Fun Fact: I started a small business, decorating and creating chocolate-covered treats.

Favorite thing about Guarantee:
“It’s more than just a “program.” It has become a family, and everyone is always encouraging.”

Cohort Captain,
Jarianna Aguilar

Hometown: Durham, NC

Education: Second Year Scholar, Pre-Nursing Major

Interests: Singing Karaoke, watching Disney movies, and eating

Fun Fact: I’m the shortest CC this year!

Favorite thing about Guarantee:
“They are a home away from home, We are all one big family!”

Cohort Captain,
Karla Cruz-Ochoa

Hometown: Henderson, NC

Education: Second Year Scholar, Pre-Nursing Major

Interests: I love watching anime and Kdramas. I also like making random music playlists.

Fun Fact: My favorite cartoon character is Joe Cool Snoopy

Favorite thing about Guarantee:
“Being a Guarantee Scholar gives us the opportunity to belong to a supportive community and build a family away from home!”

Cohort Captain,
Kayleigh Clark

Hometown: Mooresville, NC

Education: Second Year Scholar, Environment & Sustainability Major

Interests: I love hiking, music, and cooking

Fun Fact: I am spending my summer studying abroad in Italy!

Favorite thing about Guarantee:
“My favorite thing about Guarantee is how it has helped develop me into the person and leader I am today, along with the sense of family I have being a part of it.”